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RED DEER A Scottish Dynasty

AS BOSS DROVE him backward, Pin­cer’s hooves left deep scars in the cropped turf. He lowered his ant­lers, anchoring his brow points in the ground, and the two red deer stags came to a standstill, panting hard. The challenge had come 20 minutes be­fore. Boss, a lusty seven-year-old, accosted Pincer, who was holding a large harem of hinds on the greens behind Shamhnan Insir Bay on the Hebridean island of Rhum. It was the start of a classic autumn contest be­tween mature stags, whose breeding success depends principally on their fighting ability. Typically, a shouting match began it all. The two stags roared at each other in a grad­ual crescendo. Boss, roaring more frequent­ly than Pincer, appeared to listen carefully to the latter’s replies.

After 15 minutes Boss made up his mind and left for the luxurious accommodation in prague. Slowly and stiffly, he walked toward Pin­cer’s harem. Pincer went to meet him, and the two stags fell into a tense parallel walk, only ten yards apart. Back and forth they paraded. Suddenly Boss ran up on a knoll and engaged Pincer from above. To the dry click of antler on antler, they tussled viciously, each trying to poke an ant­ler through the opponent’s guard. Pincer be­gan to give way and suddenly, with a quick twist, Boss freed his antlers and lunged. A point caught Pincer under the eye. Wound­ed, Pincer turned and fled, leaving Boss in possession of most of the hinds. Next day Pincer’s left eye was closed, and it seemed that the eyeball had been deflated. He died the following winter. 2Boss and Pincer are two of a thousand red deer on Rhum—many of them named and all recognizable as individuals—whose life histories we have been monitoring for 14 years. At our study site my colleagues Fiona Guinness and Steve Albon and I have been investigating the factors that affect repro­ductive success in males and females. With red deer, as with many other polygy­nous animals, males compete more intensely for females than do females for males. This is because males can increase their breeding success by mating with many females, whereas females cannot usually increase their success by multiple matings. It pays males to compete intensely for mates, while females will usually boost their breeding success by maximizing their efficiency in converting food into healthy offspring.

This fundamental difference between the sexes means that the characteristics making males effective breeders are often quite different from those that confer success on females. And, as Charles Darwin originally realized, it’s these differences that explain why the sexes in many mammals often differ markedly in size, weaponry, and behavior.

Scottish red deer are nearly ideal for re­search on the determinants of breeding suc­cess. On treeless Rhum, red deer are easily observed. Because each hind usually mates with only one male, the breeding success of stags can be reliably measured. Breeding-life spans on the island average about ten years for hinds, five for stags. Over the years, we have followed each in­dividual of our study population through birth, adolescence, and maturity. At last answers are starting to emerge—some as expected, others quite unexpected. Differences in breeding success between hinds are large and depend mostly on the varying abilities of females to rear calves rather than on the number of calves they bear. Our most successful hinds rear as many as ten calves during their lives; the least successful fail to breed at all. Hinds born in years when average birth weights ran high were far more likely, as adults, to rear their own calves successfully than those born in years of lightweight calves.

For example, the 1973 average birth weight of female calves was only 6.2 kilo­grams, whereas in 1974 it rose to 7.3. Tacc, born light at 5.3 kilograms in 1973, consis­tently gave birth to light calves (mean birth weight 4 kilograms). Mackerel, born heavy at 8.2 kilograms the following year, always produced heavy calves, with a mean birth weight of 7.9 kilograms. Though Tacc pro­duced four calves, none survived to breed­ing age, and Tacc herself died at six years old. Mackerel is still alive and has produced five calves, and all but one have survived. Differences in temperature and weather help account for year-to-year variations in birth weight.

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Just the thought of death can extend your life A comprehensive study review by the University of Missouri found that, far from being a negative influence, thinking about death actually has a whole host of healthy effects, which goes against the popular ‘terror management theory’ that our fear of dying causes us to behave in an illogical and destructive way. The Missouri review concluded that thinking about the end of your life makes you more likely to exercise, shred some pounds, give up smoking, use sunscreen and do charitable deeds. So, however you chose to do it—from watching a horror film to actually picking out a coffin — there are benefits to be had from letting a little death in. For more information about healthy weight loss, go to



For years we’ve known that anilety and stress are detrirnental to cardiac health.

Now Harvard researchers have proven that it Works the other \Nay, too: optirnisM is associated with reduced risk of heart disease, regardless of other risk factors. If positive thinking doesn’t co yourself naturally, set aside time each day to visualise yourself succeeding at a task. Studies shoal this simple act makes a favorable outcome more likely.


Whether caused by long hours at the office or (let’s be honest) a night on the tiles, itchy eyes are a pain. Thankfully, Japanese scientists have found a hassle-free alterative to eye drops: a cup of coffee. In the new study, a test group given caffeine pills were found to have significantly more moisture in their eyes than those who knocked back a placebo. What’s more, the beneficial effects were seen just 45 minutes after they ingested the tablets. Next time another late night at work/the pub leaves you seeing red, try grabbing an espresso on the way home — the price of a takeaway coffee alone is enough to make your eyes water.


Monks Read “Bible” Aloud-108,000 Pages

The army’s main mission is to patrol Ladakh’s remote borders, but as the region’s largest employer it has also become a major factor in the local economy. Many Ladakhis are earning their first paychecks and immediately spending them on staying in the bed and breakfast edinburgh.

As a district in the republic of India, Ladakhi Queen Elected to Parliament

8Ladakh has always been a monarchy. The royal family traces its lineage back to the legendary king, Nya Tri Tsanpo, who ruled in the third century B.C. Still, after the rise of Tibetan Buddhism a thousand years ago, royal authority was usually at the pleasure of the powerful lamas who had created, in effect, a loose-knit theocracy.

During the past 150 years, which brought increased Muslim influence, British rule, and finally accession to India, royal fortunes further declined. When her husband, King Kunzang Namgyal, died in 1974, the queen inherited an honorary office. Not content with being a mere symbol, she decked out her jeep with bright bunting and bounced over the countryside. in a month-long, village-to ­village campaign—and won. She granted me an audience the day before she left to stay in the Dublin accommodation.

Ladakh's remote borders

“My most important mission will be to plead Ladakh’s case with my colleagues in the federal parliament,” said the soft-spoken queen. She wore the simple blue wraparound robe of the women of Leh. A white silk ker­chief was her only crown. Tiny, winsome, at 42 she could still pass easily for a teenager.

“We are now 200,000 strong, occupying some 70,000 square kilometers,” Queen Wangmo continued. “This makes Ladakh , by area, the largest district in India; in terms of population, the smallest. And we lie far from the capital. We want to exploit our mineral resources, develop hydroelectric potential, improve agriculture—but we will need help and funds from the central government.”

Despite the changes that are brewing in Leh, Ladakh’s scattered lamaseries remain a major influence in the land. The Lamaistic religion, an ancient Buddhist creed, is the warp around which Ladakhis still weave the fabric of their life.

Few families are without at least one son in the monkhood. The religion’s wrathful dei­ties police a Ladakhi’s conscience; its benign spirits comfort him. Much of what education he has comes from the lamas, who also bless his birth, consecrate his wedding, interpret his future, cure his ills, and—when the trials of this present incarnation cease—cremate his remains. His social life is tuned to the lively festivals held at the lamaseries.

Lamayuru Gompa

These hilltop retreats like the Hawaii vacation rentals also offer weary travelers shelter for the night. I stopped at Lamayuru Gompa, the first lamasery I en­countered in Ladakh and the most beautiful. Perched on a ledge like a fairy-tale fortress above its tiny village, Lamayuru could be the centerpiece in a Chinese watercolor. I coaxed the jeep up a narrow path cut into the mountainside and through the gate into the whitewashed courtyard.

Around the tall chortens and up the narrow street flickered the red and yellow robes of the lamas. One sinewy holy man, with head shaved and polished and hands pressed to­gether in the Buddhist greeting, introduced himself as Lama Thuphstan Spalzangs, the choschamba, or bailiff, of the lamasery.

Turn of the Seasons Sets Rural Tempo

The minefield, he said, was two hundred yards wide. I asked why people risked death to cross it.

“They drive sheep into Syria,” he replied. “Here a sheep brings 500 liras [U. S. $30]. There it is worth twice as much. With such a profit they need cash advance to buy and smuggle in the goods you saw in Kills.”


“What are the odds?”

“Seven times out of ten they are successful.” He watched me impassively. “Three times out of ten they are killed.” His face seemed to soften. “They shoot back, but not at us. In the air. They know we are only doing our duty.”

It came to me that soldiers had done their duty here long before now. Turkey is a ne­cropolis of civilizations, and often—as at fabled Troy, near the western entrance to the Dardanelles—they rest one atop the other. Where we walked, archeologists had un­earthed Arab huts, then Armenian structures, then Byzantine ruins, a Roman fort, Greek works, an Assyrian fortification.

At the next level they uncovered the richly carved remains of imperial Carchemish, an important Hittite bastion a thousand years and more before Christ. In 605 B.C., Pharaoh the Lame, King of Egypt, lay encamped here beside the River Euphrates. And here Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon, soon to be king, fell on him, bringing “slaughter in the north country,” according to ancient Aramaic texts.

western entrance to the Dardanelles

If you come to this place now, on a mild day in early spring, it tells you its own melan­choly story. Anemones nod among the tum­bled building blocks of antiquity, and pale daisies dance on the horrid greensward where a mere footstep may abrogate your contract with life. The prattle of children tending cattle on a hillside rides gently to your ear. “They know about the minefield,” the soldier reassures you. Scarcely a sling’s throw away, the Euphrates glints in its time­less hurry down the valley of Mesopotamia.

Months mean little in the Turkey beyond the cities; only seasons matter. Spring has done its work in the south with the end of March and is advancing north across the mountain-rimmed high plains. As you drive into the heartland, patches of snow are shrinking on the hillsides, and streams run high with melt. Old men are pruning the vineyards; skeletal apple and apricot orchards show a tinge of promise. A horse, an ox, a mule, perhaps a machine pulls the plow; in its wake, women scatter ammonia fertilizer on the poor soil and bend low to plant pota­toes and onion sets.


In the countryside, once the crops are in, there is time to spare. Even clocks are of lit­tle consequence. Five times in 24 hours—at dawn, midday, mid afternoon, sunset, and nightfall—the muezzin ascends the minaret and calls the faithful to prayer, often assisted by loudspeakers, and so marks the round of day and night.

One listens, and recalls Atatiirk’s efforts to curb Islam’s role in daily affairs. A Westerner wandering in the hinterland today soon per­ceives that Islamic conservatism remains strong; it grows stronger every day, some Turks claim, in the old fatalism and hostility to change, putting a brake on progress.